An Integrated Approach
to Optimisation and Decarbonisation

Exploring the Veson-ZeroNorth Platform Partnership

May 5, 202110:00 AM EDT | 2:00 PM GMT | 4:00 PM CEST

Bunker optimization has long been a focus for the maritime community – but bunker insights have become critical today as decarbonization becomes a more prominent goal for maritime organizations.

In response to a growing need to understand and optimize bunker and other voyage data in an effort to enhance sustainable practices, ZeroNorth and Veson Nautical have built a native integration between their platforms, enabling joint clients to unlock better vessel performance and optimise bunkers to increase profitability, cut CO2 emissions, and improve the sustainability of their fleets.

Tune in for an insightful webinar to ensure your organization is prepared to tap into these powerful benefits.

In this webinar, commercial maritime technologists and client success specialists from Veson Nautical and ZeroNorth will :

  • Provide context around need of sustainability-focused technology in the maritime industry.
  • Outline the Platform Partnership and native integration between ZeroNorth's Optimise tool and the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP).
  • Demonstrate how data flows between the two platforms, and the benefits this delivers integrated clients. 
  • And more!

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This webinar is intended for current Veson Nautical clients only. To access the on-demand webinar, please reach out to your account manager or request access via the form below.


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Meet Our Presenters


Graham Piasecki

Driector of Commercial Strategy
Veson Nautical

Graham is a proven advocate for client success, specializing in empowering maritime organizations to align technology with market realities and managing change to accelerate and maximize ROI in their digital journey. Graham brings over 11 years of experience within the maritime industry which he gained through previous roles at the A.P. Moller Maersk Group, Procter & Gamble and now, Veson Nautical. 


Sofie Amalie Gertz Østergaard

Customer Success Manager

Sofie Amalie has an extensive background in shipping, serving the bunkers, agency and operations areas. Prior to joining ZeroNorth she worked as a drybulk Operator which helps her to truly understand ZeroNorth's customers daily workflow and see where Optimise can create value within their organization. Sofie Amalie was ZeroNorth's first Customer Success Manager and is passionate about the decarbonisation journey of customers and the shipping industry. 


Troels Schiermer TophØj

Product Owner, Data Integrations 

A computer scientist from the Danish Technical University specialized in machine learning, Troels started as a self-taught independent software engineer with experience in developing software for customers in various industries including e-commerce, online marketing, biotech, securities and shipping. Troels is excited by the challenges faced by the tramp shipping industry and the role ZeroNorth can play in overcoming them.

The Veson IMOS Platform (VIP) is the market’s leading platform for freight and fleet management. Focused exclusively on the maritime space, VIP provides maritime decision makers everything they need to ensure their digital investment delivers value long into the future.

  • Built on reliable business logic that has run leading maritime operations for nearly two decades.
  • Agile, cloud-based architecture for global access, advanced data sharing, and seamless integration.
  • Built on reliable business logic that has run leading maritime operations for nearly two decades.
  • Agile, cloud-based architecture for global access, advanced data sharing, and seamless integration.

About ZeroNorth


ZeroNorth was founded to make the tramp shipping industry more sustainable through digitalisation. We offer innovative tech thinking, built on a foundation of more than 90 years of shipping heritage. Via our Optimise platform, we help owners and operators operate their vessels more efficiently to reduce CO2 emissions and to increase earnings.

In December 2020, ZeroNorth announced its Platform Partnership with Veson Nautical, which allows Optimise to securely integrate with the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP), allowing a seamless transfer of data for joint customers. Through this collaboration we are unlocking genuine value for Veson customers from their data, driving better organisational decision-making on earnings and emissions.

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