Trading & Risk in the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP)

Proactively manage your freight, fuel, and market exposure.

Risk management, fully integrated with your commercial workflow.

Today’s volatile market requires businesses to take a more proactive approach to manage fluctuating freight and fuel exposure. Unfortunately, many maritime shipping organizations do not manage their risk. Others manage risk but are reliant on manual spreadsheets or financial models that are disconnected from the rest of their workflow. Enter VIP Trading & Risk.

With VIP Trading & Risk, you can instantly and accurately evaluate mark-to-market performance, run “what if” scenarios to assess the impact of paper trades, and update voyage management data to ensure results are reflective of both physical and paper contracts. This dynamic, market-linked solution radically reduces the burden on traders and risk managers while positioning your organization for enhanced commercial success.

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VIP Trading & Risk is a must-have for any maritime organization that is commercially affected by market fluctuations for freight or fuel. With VIP Trading & Risk, you can:

  • Automate and accelerate the calculation of mark-to-market performance.
  • Ensure the accurate assessment of freight and bunker positions by considering both contracts and actualized data.
  • Rapidly run “what if” scenarios to optimize your paper hedges.
  • Instantly update voyage management data to ensure results are reflective of physical and paper contracts.
  • Conduct meaningful historical analyses on overall freight and fuel exposure to support more informed strategic decisions.

Demo Video

VIP Trading & Risk Video Demo

See the solution in action

Understand how VIP Trading & Risk can help you proactively measure, manage, and mitigate your organization’s freight and bunker exposure to market fluctuations with dynamic position visibility, advanced scenario testing, and comprehensive pricing and benchmarking. See a demonstration of the module in action by watching our 6 minute demo video.

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Trading & Risk with VIP

A Deep Dive into this Dynamic Solution

Looking to learn more about VIP Trading & Risk? Download this helpful brochure to learn exactly who needs this module, what it can do, where it fits in with your existing VIP implementation, and how it can transform the way you measure and manage freight and bunker exposure.

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The Benefits of Proper Risk Management

Use Case

Proactive Risk Management 

Measure & Manage Your Market Exposure

Curious how Trading & Risk works in practice? Leverage this helpful use case to learn where the solution fits in a fast-paced maritime shipping organization and how it delivers significant value through improved risk management, reduced team member burden, enhanced business continuity, and improved decision making.

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