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Veson Nautical provides solutions for every facet of commercial marine, allowing us to serve the diverse range of owners, charterers, and operators that comprise our client community. Every day, we help over 14,000 people at 300 of the world’s most innovative organizations drive the world’s economy forward.

From the largest commodities traders in the world to a small, three-person commercial operator; from the world’s oldest shipowners to a new upstart chartering house; Veson Nautical is proud to partner with and deliver solutions for all members of the maritime community, regardless of size and scope.

The Veson Nautical Client Success Stories eBook shares the stories of three Veson clients, and the ways in which they have improved their businesses with a Veson Nautical solution. 

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Featuring Success Stories from Three Veson Nautical Clients:


The d’Amico Group, founded in 1952, is a world leader in maritime transportation and manages one of the largest fleets of product tankers, bulk, and container vessels worldwide.  With over 10 global offices and 350 onshore employees, as well as 3000 seafarers rotating onboard its vessels, the d’Amico Group is one of the most modern and forward-thinking companies in commercial marine.



Navig8 Group is a fully integrated provider of shipping management services and the world’s largest independent pool and commercial management company. As an experienced ship owner and operator, Navig8 is also an active charterer, enabling the company to offer employment optionality to owners. With a uniquely broad range of vessels and the largest member base, Navig8 pools span the clean and dirty tanker, chemicals and offshore sectors.


Bahri is one of the world’s foremost transportation and logistics companies. Established as the national shipping carrier of Saudi Arabia, Bahri has played a leading role in the transformation and growth of the global shipping industry through an unrelenting focus on innovation and a commitment to delivering technology-driven, value-added onshore and offshore services.