Strengthening the Seaborne Supply Chain

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As a dynamic platform for the commercial management of marine cargo and fleets, the Veson IMOS Platform (V IP) empowers logistics professionals with the data and tools needed to make more informed decisions about their marine modality, faster than ever before. VIP pairs proven business logic with an agile, cloud-based architecture that supports the global accessibility, advanced data sharing, and the seamless integration required by today’s enterprises.

  • 100% focused on the marine supply chain and meeting the needs of its many stakeholders.
  • Delivers capabilities that span the entire marine supply chain and transform the efficiency and effectiveness of key processes.
  • Serves the unique requirements of clients on both sides of the marine freight contract.
  • Supports advanced data sharing with flexible APIs and vast integration capabilities.

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Revealing the Marine Supply Chain

Bringing Vast Visibility & Deep Insight to the Marine Modality

Explore the marine modality and its many nuances, what a specialized solution looks like in practice, the value that solution can bring to your business, and how the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP) can help you achieve it all.

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Transforming Your Seaborne Supply Chain

With a Specialized Digital Solution for the Marine Modality

In this informative infographic, learn how embracing a specialized solution for the seaborne supply chain can help tonnage charterers solve their most pressing challenges, empower their many stakeholders, and, ultimately, reduce supply chain costs.

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One Digital Platform for Global Marine Logistics

Optimize Your Seaborne Supply Chain with Veson

Learn how the Veson IMOS Platform delivers the decision-ready data and actionable tools marine logistics professionals need to optimize their supply chain and safeguard profitability.

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