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Key Factors of Success for Maritime Charterers, Operators, and Finance Professionals

From pre-fixture chartering decisions through to post-voyage financials and analysis, each stage of the commercial maritime workflow is reliant on the people who drive action for every voyage. These many functional roles are essential building blocks that together enable the movement of ships and cargoes around the world. The maritime industry, and the world at large, is evolving into an age of enhanced digitalization, able to leverage new tools that can empower maritime professionals to work smarter. However, better understanding the roles and perspectives of the functions that make up the larger maritime workflow is essential to optimizing the overall process for greater efficiency, profitability, and scale.

The functional roles that fall within each step of the voyage lifecycle have a unique set of responsibilities, objectives, and measures of success. Download our collection of common commercial maritime user personas to look at a sampling of roles, including a vessel charterer, a ship operator, and a financial professional, to determine what success looks like in each of these functions and how they contribute to the greater maritime workflow.

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