Many Users, One Platform

Empowering maritime shipping’s many stakeholders.

October 21,2020 9:00 AM EST

The maritime shipping space features a diverse roster of stakeholders, each with their own distinct set of responsibilities, goals, and workflows. These needs compound over the natural course of every contract and voyage, creating a dynamic, complex set of requirements for a commercial solution. It is only through fully understanding each stakeholder’s daily workflows and their interactions with one another that a commercial platform can propel the entire industry to new levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

In this insightful webinar, commercial maritime technologists and client success specialists from Veson Nautical will discuss:

  • The Roles & Responsibilities of Maritime Shipping’s Diverse Stakeholders
  • Solution Requirements to Meet Each Stakeholder’s Unique Needs
  • The Power of Harmonizing Workflows, Systems, and Stakeholders in One Platform
  • The Veson IMOS Platform: The Platform that Propels Maritime Commerce
  • And more...

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Meet Our Presenters

Katonio Butler

Katonio Butler

Principal Consultant

Katonio Butler is a Principal Consultant at Veson Nautical, where he provides solutions architecture, business process analysis and data-centric advising to shipping companies throughout the Veson software implementation process and beyond. Mr. Butler joined Veson Nautical in 2008 and has been the lead consultant or project manager for a lengthy roster of key shipping companies, notably in the LNG and tanker sectors.

Bobby Morse

Bobby Morse

Product Manager

Bobby Morse has been a Product Manager at Veson Nautical since February 2020. Before Veson, he worked for SS&C Eze, where he spent 9 years as the Senior Product Manager of an order management trading system for hedge funds and asset managers. Bobby is well acquainted with mission critical software platforms in complex and regulated industries and is a CFA charterholder.

The Veson IMOS Platform (VIP) is the market’s leading platform for commercial freight and fleet management. Focused exclusively on the maritime space, VIP provides maritime shipping professionals everything they need to put the powerful benefits of The Virtual Maritime Workflow into practice. Here are a few of the things you should know about VIP.

  • Built on reliable business logic that has run leading maritime businesses for two decades.
  • Equipped with an agile, cloud-based architecture for global access, advanced data sharing,and seamless integration.
  • Establishes a single source of truth spanning systems, stakeholders, and stages of the voyage.
  • Provides the benefit of a robust user community including 18,000+professionals across 300+ leading maritime enterprises.


Revealing the Marine Supply Chain

Bringing Vast Visibility & Deep Insight to the Marine Modality

Explore the marine modality and its many nuances, what a specialized solution looks like in practice, the value that solution can bring to your business, and how the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP) can help you achieve it all.

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many user one platform vid


Many Users, One Platform Animation

The maritime shipping space features a diverse roster of stakeholders, each with their own distinct set of responsibilities, goals, and workflows. Discover how VIP is transforming the way maritime shipping stakeholders work and make decisions.

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tonnage charterer persona sheets

Persona Sheets

A Look at Key Maritime Personas

In this package of User Persona Sheets, we take a closer look at solution requirements for key stakeholders on both sides of the marine contract, including charterers, voyage operators, marine logistics professionals, and site operators.

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can empower each and every user in your business.

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