A Digital Solution for IMO 2020

Navigate the Upcoming Regulations with the Veson IMOS Platform

The IMO has released a new regulation (referred to as "IMO 2020") designed to reduce marine sector emissions in international waters by 80% starting Jan 1, 2020. As more fuel grades enter the market and the shipping industry prepares for change, users need the ability to efficiently manage and track fuel consumption; understand scrubber allowance regulations based on geographic position; and gain visibility into bunker inventory, costs, and scrubber utilization.

Ship operators need to find a solution not only to navigate the changing regulatory landscape, but also to seamlessly transition from current consumption management practices to those required from 2020 and beyond.

Veson Nautical has developed a comprehensive and simple digital solution to help operators reach compliance with minimal overhead. We recently demonstrated this solution in a webinar.  

Watch this informational webinar in order to: 

  • Learn more about the IMO 2020 regulations and their anticipated impact on buyers and sellers of marine freight.
  • See a demonstration of the software solutions Veson Nautical has developed to address the regulatory changes.
  • Understand how leading maritime organizations can navigate the changing landscape not only to comply with new regulations, but also to gain a competitive advantage.

Watch the Webinar:


Our webinar panellists include:






Valeria Surk 
Product Specialist

Valeria Surk has been with Veson Nautical since 2016. She started her maritime career working in maritime finance and compliance in Stamford, CT and New York, NY, and subsequently joined Veson Nautical as a Software Support Analyst. Today, Valeria is a part of Veson’s Product team, specializing in Veslink Voyage Reporting, Veslink Distances, and Veson’s IMO 2020 solution. As Veson’s subject matter expert on the upcoming IMO 2020 regulations, Valeria has participated in relevant industry events, managed Veson’s client feedback sessions to help develop the Veson solution, and hosted user roundtables discussing opportunities for product improvement. Valeria holds a degree in International Maritime Business from Massachusetts Maritime Academy.


Josh Luby
Product Manager

Josh Luby has been with Veson Nautical since 2014. He has spent over 5 years working directly with clients to better understand their bunker consumption and vessel performance as well as the associated risks and exposures. He has worked with clients through many ECA zone changes to properly align their fuel types and planned consumptions in the appropriate zones, ensuring accurate estimation calculations and planning. Josh has also worked closely on other large regulatory and compliance initiatives both in the marine and finance industries such as IFRS 15 & 16 and MRV. With a background in trading and finance, he has extensive experience helping Veson clients better manage their physical and paper positions and analyze risk within the Veson IMOS Platform. Josh holds a dual degree in Economics and Political Science from Northeastern University.