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The Value of Speaking the Same Digital Language

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Just as the use of a common system within an organization fosters scalability by establishing repeatable workflows that drive business forward, industry-wide standardization can accomplish similar efficiency gains in the interactions between market counterparties. Despite the immense potential benefit of such connection, direct connectivity is currently lacking in the maritime industry.

Direct digital connection is contingent on industry counterparties agreeing on a common system of standards. In a historically siloed and fragmented industry, this can be difficult to achieve. Today, we tend to communicate differently with every external partner, which presents a headwind to efficiency and scalability for everyone involved.

Veson Nautical has begun to lay the groundwork for data standardization and connectivity by working with industry participants on both the owner/operator and tonnage charterer verticals. In doing so, we have identified three key areas that are in most need of data standardization, defined the current and future state of the industry, and established short- and long-term next steps. Read more in our Data Standardization & Connectivity Takeaway Guide. 

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