Veson IMOS Platform Chartering

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Take Advantage of Every Opportunity.

Veson IMOS Platform Chartering combines best-in-class voyage estimation with a full, detailed contract capture – delivering the insight your team needs to take advantage of every market opportunity.


Core Chartering Solutions: 

Estimate your entire voyage before it happens – calculate a full granular P&L, easily compare multiple voyage and vessel pairings to find the ideal combination, and visualize voyages and routing via an integrated map.

Combine all open vessel positions and cargo opportunities into a single, collaborative, visual workspace that allows your chartering team to estimate voyages within the context of overall fleet utilization and profitability.

Easily manage all of your freight and vessel contracts, from simple, single-origin cargoes and trip TC’s to the complex and unique agreement terms increasingly common in today’s dynamic market.

Every day, the Veson IMOS Platform enables the world’s leading buyers and sellers of marine freight to make the right decisions. Regardless of the size of your organization or the freight you carry, the Platform delivers insight and efficiency through a tailored suite of connected solutions that transform every part of your business.

"With Chartering, we have all our vessel and cargo information right in front of us. We know exactly where we stand and can instantly test various scenarios. Decisions that would have taken up to an hour can be made in minutes.”

- Jens Axmann, Head of Operations, F.H. Bertling


Watch the demo video:

Learn more about the other core modules on the Veson IMOS Platform


Operations provides fully-integrated voyage management, allowing your operators to monitor every aspect of and react to every change to your voyage in real time.


Financials simplifies your voyage control and accounting workflow, enabling your team to raise invoices, recognize revenue, and complete period close quickly and easily.


Analytics provides data in context, with over 75 built-in reports plus an integrated Report Designer that gives your team the insights they need in every workspace.