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Dynamically manage berth cargo sequences and handling activities.

Berth Scheduling offers a simple, visual workspace from which to manage the current port activities by cargo and plan the forward cargo lineup, allowing your dock schedulers and marine planners to more efficiently move equipment through the berth and reduce demurrage exposure. 

Learn how the newest module on the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP) will streamline your terminal operations, optimize cargo load and discharge, and provide visibility into critical port activities. 

Benefits of Berth Scheduling

A unique digital tool designed to bring new efficiency into the berth scheduling process in the context of an end-to-end solution, VIP Berth Scheduling has a number of compelling advantages for any professional responsible for maintaining vessel or barge traffic flow at the berth, or the impacted by berth activity:

  • industry standard

    Visualize your entire Berth Schedule.

    A dynamic Gantt chart provides your users with a commanding view of the current and forward activities across all berths at a given terminal. Cargo bookings can be allocated to available berths via an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface complete with warnings and restrictions for vessel type and cargo.

  • manage exposure

    Reduce exposure to demurrage.

    Complete integration with voyage and cargo activities standardizes the planning across your managed berths and takes the guesswork out of handling timelines. Your dock schedulers and marine planners are empowered to move equipment through the terminal more efficiently, mitigating demurrage exposure and maximizing visibility to potential claims.

  • integrates

    Automate internal workflows

    The Berth Scheduling workspace updates automatically with the latest operational data from other VIP modules, giving your team a real-time view of critical information. Users can actualize planned events directly from the visual schedule when the barge or vessel is at the berth under operation; this data will feed directly back into laytime calculations and forward voyage tracking.

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Feature Functionality

Key Components of VIP Berth Scheduling

  1. A visual Gantt Chart view of all berth activities, by week, day, or hour.
  2. Information on both Cargoes and Bookings - both allocated and unallocated.
  3. A separate visual schedule dedicated to Unallocated Bookings, for easier visibility into which bookings need to be actioned.
  4. An intuitive Drag-and-Drop Interface allowing for dynamic adjustment of activity times and allocation of cargoes to available berths.
  5. A "Live" view your berth activities, showcasing all activites not marked as completed.

Part of the Veson IMOS Platform

The Veson IMOS Platform (VIP) is the industry's leading solution for commercial marine freight and fleet management. As an Industry Solution module on VIP, every action taken in the Berth Scheduling workspace automatically cascades into the rest of your commercial maritime workflow, informing critical aspects of the business and providing enhanced visibility into cargo and voyage status. 

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Learn More About VIP Berth Scheduling


Dynamically manage berth cargo sequences and handling activities

The Veson IMOS Platform (VIP) Berth Scheduling module offers an intuitive, drag-and-drop Gantt chart, "Live" activity view ,and visibility into cascading effects on cargo and costs. Explore this comprehensive tool in more depth.

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Veson Nautical Brochure

One Digital Platform for Global Marine Logistics

The Veson IMOS Platform (VIP) empowers logistics professionals with the data and tools they need to make more informed decisions about their marine modality, faster than ever before. Explore this brochure to discover how Veson has helped leading tonnage charterers optiize their seaborne supply chains.

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Navigating Choice in Maritime Shipping Digitalization

The maritime industry has seen a rapid expansion of connectivity, automation, and data that has the potential to deliver significant benefits. But unlocking these benefits requires the right solution. How can your business ensure it makes the right choice? Leverage this detailed guide to help you navigate your digital decision.

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