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The Seaborne Supply Chain is at a Digital Tipping Point

The commercial maritime shipping industry has been building towards this moment for years. The pivot away from manual processes towards electronic storage and homegrown systems was only the beginning. Maritime shipping organizations on both sides of the contract have officially embraced the power of integrated digital systems and stakeholders, and they’re ready for the transformative benefits a fully digitalized ecosystem will bring.

Over the next decade, we expect to see a renaissance of digital innovation in the maritime shipping ecosystem, including breakthroughs in big data, global connectivity, human-machine collaboration, and digitally-enabled sustainability. Is your organization ready?

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VIP is widely recognized for its proven business logic, cloud-based architecture, data-driven integrations, and rapid pace of innovation. Today, more than 18,000 maritime shipping and marine logistics professionals trust VIP to keep them ahead of ever-evolving business demands and digital advancements.

But we deliver more than the digital foundation maritime shipping organizations need to keep their businesses ahead. We deliver the collaborative partnership they require to embrace change, empower their users, and powerfully align their approach with their business needs.

Industry Leaders Choose Veson.

Our clients take digitalization seriously, and so do we. Here are just a few of the organizations that choose Veson as their platform/partner.

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